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Frequently Asked Questions for Compliance:

Who is eligible to set up a payment plan?

Anyone that is unable to pay off his/her total fines and fees on the day of court.

How does this work?

  • The judge will give the defendant a Compliance Order and they will report to the appropriate office.

What happens when I have more than one case?

  • A payment plan must be set up on each case individually.

What happens if I am on court supervision?

  • If the Court supervision is 6 months or less, payment in full will be due by the end of your court supervision. If the court supervision is longer than 6 months, a monthly payment plan will be set up.

When does the installment agreement start?

  • Initial payment is encouraged and first payment is due within 30 days.

Where do I go to set up payment plans?

If you have a TR or DT case you go to Traffic Division. If you have an OV, CM, or CF case you go to Criminal Division.

Do I need to come in to set up a payment plan?

If you live in the surrounding area you must come into the office to set up a payment plan. If you live out of state you may call the Compliance Office at 309-478-5699 to set up a payment plan.

What happens if a payment agreement isn’t set up?

Defendants that do not pay or report to the office will be turned over to collections and 30% will be added to the balance due.

When are cases referred to collections?

If a defendant defaults on the payment agreement or does not set one up.

What do I do if my case has been sent to collections?

Call PayCourt at 217-284-4400.

What do I do if I have a question on an existing payment plan?

Please call the Compliance Office at 309-478-5699

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